10+ Most Relatable Reactions To BLACKPINK Lisa’s Music Video For “LALISA”

#12 is so true!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has finally released her solo album, Lalisa, with the title track of the same name. Of course, BLINKs had a lot to say about the music video—all of it good.


Check out some of the most relatable reactions below!

1. Lisa proved she’s a top star!

2. She’s a queen!

3. She owned every single second.

4. The bridge was something else!

5. Lisa in a suit is coming for our hearts.

6. The music video had that YG-top-quality touch

7. She’s the nation’s pride

8. There’s no bad moment in the MV. None.

9. BLINKs are spoiled.

10. We all love her!

11. It’s time to hit that replay button.

12. Lisa pole dancing? Wow.

13. No really, it’s too good!

14. Lisa isn’t coming to play.

15. “Lalisa” was perfect and we can all agree on that.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Lisa’s “Lalisa” music video below.

Source: YouTube