Here’s The Scene In BLACKPINK Lisa’s “LALISA” MV That Unexpectedly Reminds Her Of Cats

Only Lisa would have thought of this 😂

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a famous cat lover and the proud mom of five adorable catsLeo, Luca, LilyLouis, and Lego.

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She loves cats so much it’s no surprise that even a scene in her “LALISA” music video reminded her of them!

Lisa made the comparison in a recent YouTube video where she watched and reacted to her “LALISA” MV for the first time.

Upon seeing the part where she lays on a pink curtain, she excitedly revealed the story behind it.

Some people may think it looks uncomfortable because of the many hands moving behind her, but Lisa actually found that the opposite was the case!

You know how you can see hand prints behind the pink curtain? It was really comfortable.

— Lisa

There was a staff member supporting her back when she was lying down, and it made her feel very relaxed. Lisa compared it to how cats give massages with their cute little paws.

Someone supported me when I was lying down, and it was so comfortable. It was like how cats give you little hand massages.

— Lisa

Concluding, she added, “I basically got a massage while lying down there.

Could you tell that the pink curtain scene was what reminded Lisa of her cats?

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Source: YouTube