BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Actor Lee Soo Hyuk Stun With Their Visual Chemistry At BVLGARI’s Avrora Awards

“Lee Soo Hyuk and Lisa will be the end of me.”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa gained plenty of praise as she showcased her true personality at BVLGARI’s Avrora Awards. But her visual chemistry with actor Lee Soo Hyuk has also left netizens stunned!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa at global BVLGARI event | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
Lee Soo Hyuk | @leesoohyuk/Instagram

As expected, Lisa has been nothing short of the perfect brand ambassador for BVLGARI, showcasing classy visuals at every single appearance she has made for the brand.

Lisa for BVLGARI | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Likewise, Lee Soo Hyuk has dazzled with his sophisticated looks at both photoshoots and brand events. The Avrora Awards were no different, with both celebrities making a lasting impression with their appearance.

Lisa and Lee Soo Hyuk had already had some brief interactions at a BVLGARI event in 2019, leaving fans seriously wanting more.

| @9594kk/Instagram

Luckily, this year’s Avrora Awards provided the crumbs that fans so wanted. After seeing that they were both invited to the event, fans were holding out hope that they might get to see them in the same frame…

And they delivered. They were seen not only taking pictures together for the event…

| @xto_cherish/Twitter 

…but also sharing a conversation as they stood on a balcony overlooking the rest of the venue.

Netizens were shocked after seeing their combined visuals…

…as they left no doubt that this was something we will all need to see again, sooner rather than later.

Catch up on more of Lisa’s appearance at BVLGARI’s Avrora Awards right here!

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