BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Given The Cutest Gifts For Her “L Family,” And Lego Finally Tried Them On

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BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently sat down for an interview with WOODY where she discussed everything from her “LALISA” music video to her love for her cats and even the hardships she faced as a 14-year old trainee. At the end of the interview, she was given presents from the show for her beloved “L Family.”

She cooed over the grey hoodies and shared that while Leo might not like it, she certainly does.

Lisa: Oh my god! This is so cute!

Woody: Do you think they will like it?

Lisa: I think so. But maybe not Leo. He will probably…walk away.

A few days later, she posted proof that her cats loved the gifts as much as she did. She updated her new Instagram account and tagged Woody in her second post ever.

There was a cat that was tricked into entering the room. He almost couldn’t wear the clothes! But thankfully the clothes were stretchy. Thank you @woodytalk oppa for the cute gift.

— Lisa

Lego | @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

Lego wearing the “WOODY” hoodie | @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

The subject of the photos was none other than Lisa’s maknae cat, Lego! She initially thought that the hoodie wouldn’t fit him, but it was fortunately stretchy enough for his growing frame.

| @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

He’s clearly a model just like his mom—just look at that smolder!

| @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

A little later, Lisa updated the Instagram account with photos of Leo enjoying the gift contrary to her expectations! She joked around with the caption, saying, “Slim LEO.”

| @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

| @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

Lisa’s “L Family” includes her five cats, Leo, LucaLilyLouis, and Lego, as well as her one dog, Love. She cares for all of them equally as her videos with them prove.

Lisa and Luca | @lalala_m/Instagram

Source: Instagram