BLACKPINK’s Lisa Opens Up About The Hardships She Faced As A 14-Year Old Trainee

Many things surprised her.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently sat down for an interview with WOODY where she discussed her debut album, her love for her cats, and more. She also took a trip down memory lane and opened up about her trainee days.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa in her YG Entertainment audition

Lisa auditioned for YG Entertainment in 2010 and officially became their first non-Korean trainee in 2011. Needless to say, it was daunting to introduce herself in front of the senior female trainees in the company.

What I still remember to this day is probably the first time in the dance room as the new girl. Everyone was standing in line and I had to introduce myself. I remember that everything was so new to me.

— Lisa

Another huge shock was when it dawned on her that she would be alone in a foreign country. It was a big deal when her parents, her biggest support systems, had to return to Thailand almost right away.

And then there was that moment when my mom and dad told me they were leaving. And I said, ‘You guys are leaving? Am I not going with you?’ My mom said, ‘Nope. You’re staying here for three months.’ I was like, ‘What?’ I was shocked, [thinking] ‘They’re leaving me here alone?’ and they left.

— Lisa

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and her parents | YG Entertainment

So what exactly was the hardest part about her trainee life? It was the fact that she was independent at such a young age. It was especially difficult to be separated from her mother while she worked to become a K-Pop star.

For me, back then, everything was challenging. I had to live by myself and I had to make my own decisions. I had to manage my own finances. I’ve never done anything like that before. And I’m a mama’s girl. Sometimes when I feel tired, I just wanna hug my mom. But I couldn’t. We could only do video calls. And the language barrier, it was tough because I couldn’t communicate.

— Lisa

It took Lisa a year to adjust to life in South Korea. Afterwards, she became fluent in the language, forged strong ties with her members, and debuted in one of the most successful girl groups in history!

Check out the full interview below for more facts about Lisa.

Source: YouTube

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