A Lucky BLINK Unintentionally Left A Surprise For BLACKPINK’s Lisa In Her Hotel Room

Lisa checked in after them and saw something special!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently revealed her travel vlog in Paris, starting from the wee hours of the early morning.

Waking up extra early, she was up before the sun — and able to see the gorgeous view of lights from her hotel window.

Staying cozy in her pajamas, she admitted she happened to have both a black and pink pair!

However, she quickly got into a story that made her happy recently and it was all because of one lucky BLINK.

Lisa shared that she went on a trip to celebrate the new year with her friends. There was an iPad in the hotel where guests could play music and more, but when she went to use it, something shocked her!

She quickly learned that the guest that stayed in the hotel before her may have been a fan.

I tried typing a song and there was ‘Lisa — Money’ in the search history!

— Lisa

Lisa revealed that she played “Money” for New Years since it’s the perfect celebratory song.

The whole event made her so happy that she captured the moment.

I was so happy I even took a pic! ‘Lisa — Money’ is here!

— Lisa

That moment made Lisa feel great and it was all thanks to the lucky fan who stayed in Lisa’s hotel room.

It honestly felt so so good! Thank you, BLINKs~

— Lisa

Check out what else she revealed in the vlog below.

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