BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Niki Finally Met In Person, And It’s Everything We Hoped For

Lisa finally met one of her idols in person.

Fans are losing their minds over BLACKPINK Lisa‘s first hangout with Niki!


For those who aren’t familiar with Niki yet, she’s a talented Indonesian singer, songwriter, and record producer. She also happens to be one of Lisa’s favorite artists!


Lisa and Niki have been showing each other love and support online, but they finally met in person at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, the “city of stars”. On April 16, Lisa shared photos from their nighttime outing with the caption “NIKI💛”.


Niki also shared photos on her own Instagram that show just how much fun they had hanging out together.


BLINKs couldn’t be happier for Lisa, who has finally met her idol, and for Niki, who has become friends with one of the most lovable people ever!


Here’s hoping for more Lisa and Niki hangouts in the future!