BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Officially The New Face Of MAC Cosmetics—Here’s Why She’s The Perfect Choice

Lisa is the first female K-Pop idol to earn the title!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has officially been appointed the first female K-Pop idol to represent renowned beauty brand MAC Cosmetics as their “new face” and “Global Brand Ambassador“—and they couldn’t have made a better choice.

Just a few days ago, MAC Cosmetics teased that they’d soon be announcing a new global ambassador for the brand. And, while they didn’t show the model’s face, BLINKs instantly recognized the silhouette as none other than BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Fans were already suspecting a partnership might be in the works after Lisa was spotted wearing MAC Cosmetics makeup products on several occasions this year. Last month, the brand also replied to a photo of Lisa on Twitter.

Now, it’s official! As of October 19, Lisa has officially be appointed the Global Brand Ambassador of MAC Cosmetics—also referred to as the “face” of the company!

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And when they say “face”, they really mean it. Lisa’s beautiful visage is already all over MAC Cosmetics websites, social media accounts, and stores across the world, from New Zealand to Hong Kong.

MAC Cosmetics store, Hong Kong | @laterlin/Weibo

Of course, who can blame the brand for using Lisa as much as they can? After all, MAC Cosmetics’ senior vice president Drew Elliot described Lisa as the “perfect match for MAC“—and here’s why.

For one, Lisa is known for her daring, vibrant, and experimental looks—both on stage and offstage. Describing MAC Cosmetics as “ever-evolving“, the brand gushed over how Lisa’s “charismatic, audacious stage performances” and “trendsetting” beauty give her a deep connection with the makeup line.

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MAC is constantly in pursuit of unparalleled creativity and professional expertise… [Lisa has] unparalleled talent and bold, fashion-forward style.

— Drew Elliot, MAC Cosmetics senior vice president

On top of that, Lisa shows an unparalleled confidence every day. When her fellow members recently revealed Lisa has the worst stage fright, everyone was in disbelief given how never reveals her nerves. Drew Elliot explained that Lisa’s self-worth and self-love are more reasons why MAC Cosmetics chose her.

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She embodies our commitment to celebrating individuality and self-expression above all else

— Drew Elliot, MAC Cosmetics senior vice president

And BLINKs have even more reasons why they think Lisa is MAC Cosmetics’ ideal it girl. For one, her luscious lips scream “perfect lipstick endorser!”.

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Plus, her immense popularity will undoubtedly do wonders for the brand’s sales and recognition worldwide. The main dancer is the most-followed K-Pop idol on Instagram, and her 7.5 million Weibo followers sold out one of her MAC Cosmetics products within hours of the ambassadorship announcement.

For obvious reasons, MAC is thrilled about Lisa joining the legacy cosmetics brand as its Global Ambassador.

— Drew Elliot, MAC Cosmetics senior vice president

This brand deal is the latest in a long line of endorsements for BLACKPINK’s shining star. Some more of her current ambassadorships and spokesperson roles include luxury brands Celine and BVLGARI, cell phone operator AIS Thailand, and laundry brand Downy China.

Lisa now joins her groupmates Jisoo and Jennie in endorsing some of the world’s most popular beauty brands. Jisoo works with luxury makeup line Dior Beauty.

| Dior Beauty

Meanwhile, Jennie works with HERA.


Back in July 2020, EXO‘s Lay Zhang was named the first K-Pop idol to become MAC Cosmetics’ Global Brand Ambassador after working with them since 2018.

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