BLACKPINK’s Lisa Picks Up Difficult Tasks Super Fast — Just Ask Her Pole Dance Instructors

Lisa surprised them with her talent!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa can pick up choreography in an instant just by seeing a video of it. But those quick-learning skills translate into almost everything the idol does, too! Look no further than her pole dance training for proof.

Lisa from BLACKPINK in her music video “LALISA.” | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

For her solo debut, “LALISA,” Lisa learned how to pole dance for the music video. Her natural flexibility and dance skills helped her pick it up super quickly even without a lot of practice!

| Lilifilm Official/YouTube  

A new “LiLi’s World” video with behind-the-scenes content of “LALISA” showed Lisa filming the pole dancing scene with her instructors, Yoo Jeong Yoon and Cho In Young. She got along super well with the two, and they couldn’t help but gush about Lisa’s skills!

Yoo Jeong Yoon and Cho In Young with Lisa. | Lilifilm Official/YouTube 

Cho revealed that Lisa’s quick-learning skills surprised her!

I’m surprised at how she can do all these techniques straight away and the body line gets formed straight away.

— Cho In Young

| Lilifilm Official/YouTube 

Lisa being the humble queen she is started to say she’s just a beginner, but her instructors weren’t having it! To them, Lisa doesn’t seem like a beginner at all.

Lisa: I’m still a beginner but…

Cho: But it doesn’t say so in your eyes!

| Lilifilm Official/YouTube 

No one can deny that Lisa’s confident gaze is one of the most captivating things about her performances. It’s great to see that being recognized by her own instructors! Check out the full video below for more behind-the-scenes content from “LALISA.”

Source: Lilifilm Official and BLACKPINK