Here’s How BLACKPINK’s Lisa Learned To Pole Dance In Her “LALISA” Music Video

Watch as she learns the moves like a pro!

Despite not having much practice, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was able to catch onto the techniques of pole dancing for her “LALISA” music video quickly!

She sustained a few minor cramps from learning the intensive sport…

…and even walked BLINKs through her journey of practicing the moves!

With Lisa’s great flexibility and poise as a dancer, she was able to translate these skills to pole dancing with ease.

She calls herself a beginner, but she looks like a professional!

Up to the last minute, she was practicing hard for the shoot…

….and shifted into professional mode when it was time to get down to business.

Lisa shooting, trying a variety of new moves she learned.

It’s safe to say she absolutely nailed it!

Watch her full journey learning how to pole dance below.