BLACKPINK Lisa’s Popularity In China Has Made Her The New Face Of Downy

In her announcement, she revealed an upcoming special event.

Since beginning her role as a mentor on season two of Youth With You, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has been gaining many Chinese fans. She’s earned so much support that they were a major force when coming to her aid in calling attention to the threats she faced.

Thanks to the love she’s received, Lisa has now gained something else.

Posting to her Weibo page to announce the news, Lisa has now become the new face of Downy for China.

To share how excited she was to be partnered with the brand, she uploaded a short video clip to talk about the unexpected announcement.

She expressed how happy she was to be promoting their products, explaining that she really enjoyed the scents of them.

Hi, everyone. This is Lisa. I’m happy to be the new face of Downy. I love Downy because it has a great fragrance, like a perfume.

She then revealed just how she keeps her clothes smelling so fresh, despite all the activities she does on a daily basis that would make anyone sweaty. Afterward, she revealed a special event.

It’s perfect to use on your clothes because of its lasting freshness, which keeps it fresh and clean. If you love to workout and dance like me, I recommend you to try it.

Courtesy of Downy, Lisa mentioned a “Party In May” event in China where she’ll be able to connect with fans. Smiling, she stated, “We can meet up.”

Lisa as the brand’s new face appears to be a big hit. The Downy products listed online have already reportedly sold out.

Source: Weibo