YG Entertainment Responds To Anti-Fans Sending BLACKPINK’s Lisa Death Threats

She was the target of death threats.

YG Entertainment and the Thai Embassy in Korea have revealed their statements after it was revealed that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was receiving death threats from antis.

The Thai Embassy first stated that they have received a lot of messages regarding actions being threatened towards Lisa.

We have received a lot of e-mails and Twitter messages between the dates of May 2-6 about users online threatening personal harm towards Lisa. We have informed her agency, YG Entertainment, about the matter.

— Royal Thai Embassy Seoul

Earlier, a user posted a threat towards Lisa, threatening to shoot her when she steps on her comeback stage. The message has since been removed as BLINK reported the account. Another user posted an image of a gravestone, stating that they already had a gun and were going to take Lisa’s life.

Regarding this matter, YG Entertainment released a statement, saying that they will continue to monitor the situation and take action.

We are taking our best efforts to ensure the safety of our artists and fans. We are also aware of this issue.

We will collect and review the evidence collected through our monitoring and also from fan tips, and take firm action with no leniency.

— YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK is currently preparing for their comeback in June.

Source: Newsen