BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is A True Professional After Facing A Wardrobe Malfunction During The “BORN PINK” Tour

Many criticized the styling team for putting an inadequate outfit on the main dancer.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has always wowed netizens with her amazing presence on stage. No matter the size of the stage, she always been praised for her flawless talent and visuals.

Lisa recently gained attention when a clip from the group’s BORN PINK show in Seoul proved her professionalism.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Of course, everyone knows just how talented Lisa is when it comes to dancing. As the group’s main dancer, she always serves with her performances.

| Lilifilm Official/YouTube
| Lilifilm Official/YouTube 

Recently, a clip from the group’s BORN PINK tour has gained attention from netizens, and it showcases just how professional Lisa is.

During the shows in Seoul and Dallas, Lisa wowed netizens worldwide with her amazing stage presence, amazing visuals, and truly shining in the different performances.

One particular clip from the group’s Seoul show has gained attention, and it showcases Lisa’s true professionalism on stage. During the show, the members wore beautiful light pink outfits, and Lisa looked truly beautiful in hers.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

During one of the performances, netizens noticed that a piece of jewelry seemed to be coming off while she was dancing.

| @pinksdom__/Instagram 

Yet, rather than let it fluster her, Lisa managed to grab the necklace and throw it effortlessly. Lisa was such a professional that it took a trained eye to notice that something had even happened because the idol handled it like a true professional.

| @pinksdom__/Instagram

The reason that it has recently gained attention is that the clip was posted to the social media website Weibo. When the clip was shared, Lisa started trending with the hashtag “Lisa’s ability to react accordingly while on stage.”

When the initial post was shared, showing the impact it had on Weibo, international netizens couldn’t stop praising Lisa. Many even explained that they had never noticed the incident in the first place. Some even criticized the styling team for putting Lisa in outfits that can lead to wardrobe malfunctions.

As expected, despite a wardrobe malfunction, Lisa showcased her true professionalism. Considering her talents as a dancer, it isn’t surprising that Lisa handled it so well that it was impossible to even notice something had happened.

You can read more about Lisa shining during the “BORN PINK” tour below.

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