BLACKPINK’s Lisa Stuns With Her Insane Body Proportions And Unmatched Stage Presence At “BORN PINK” Dallas Show

“I’m in love with Lisa from BLACKPINK, oh my God.”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa left Dallas in a daze on day one of the BORN PINK concert, and it’s easy to see why.


Lisa has always been known as a standout among K-Pop idols. With her flawless visuals, prodigious talent, and mesmerizing charisma, she’s truly one of a kind.

Nowhere was this more evident than in BLACKPINK’s recent performances. At the group’s concert in Seoul, Lisa went instantly viral for her solo performance.

Now, she’s once again proving she’s the main character as the group hits the stage in the US. Her interactions with fans at the soundcheck in Dallas already had hearts melting…

…so it’s no surprise that her tiny waist and body proportions had some BLINKs flatlining.

The situation at the show itself was even worse, as Lisa shined her brightest.

She gained praise for her unmatched stage presence…

…which made itself evident in the absolute silence that reigned when she shouted out, “Everyone, silent!”

And in the way BLINKs chanted her name too!

Her solo stage has once again gone viral, proving her undeniable power.

There was no doubt that she left fans absolutely shook—and that was only the first day of the concert!

BLINKs can look forward to plenty more eye-catching moments from Lisa throughout the rest of the tour.


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