BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals The Two Places In The Philippines That She Really Wants To Visit

Can you guess where?

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is one of the endorsers of Filipino clothing brand Penshoppe. In an interview with Penshoppe TV, she was asked a number of questions ranging from what makes her truly happy to the language she dreams and thinks in.

She was also asked to share the places she most wants to visit in the Philippines.

If you have the opportunity, do you want to tour the Philippines? And what places in the Philippines do you know and want to visit?


| Sam Balye/Unsplash

Lisa expressed her love for the country as well as her desire to visit numerous places. The first was none other than the Chocolate Hills in Bohol!

Actually, I have two places where I wanted to go. [I want to visit] Chocolate Hills. It’s cute!

— Lisa

She liked how cute the hills looked as they gathered in a single area.

Lisa also praised its unique and memorable color: “I don’t know. It looked like chocolate because the color is not green”.

Bohol, Philippines | Guide to the Philippines

The second place in the Philippines that Lisa wanted to visit was Sorsogon, Bicol.

I wanted to go to [a place] where I can go snorkeling with shark whales.

— Lisa

The experience of interacting so close to whales was enticing.

That’s so cool, that you can actually swim together. Shark whales! That’s really cool so I really want to visit there.

— Lisa

Sorsogon City | Juergen Freund

She’s been wanting to go since BLACKPINK held their In Your Area concert last 2019. Unfortunately, her full schedule didn’t give her time to travel.

So the last time I went to the Philippines to do the tour, I told my manager that I really wanted to go to swim with shark whales. He was like, ‘Oh that’s kinda hard to go there so maybe next time’.

— Lisa

If you want to see Lisa’s full interview, check out the video below!

Source: YouTube