Here’s Which Language Multi-Lingual Queen BLACKPINK’s Lisa Thinks And Dreams In

What’s your guess?

Lisa is known for being the multi-lingual genius of BLACKPINK! She’s a Thai native who debuted in Korea and speaks English with ease. She’s even conversational in Japanese, and her overall language skills have made many impressed.

In her Penshoppe TV interview, a lucky BLINK’s question about her language abilities was asked: “When you think, are your thoughts in Korean or Thai?”

Lisa answered that it depends on who is talking to her and what language they’re speaking to her in.

I think it depends on which language do you talk to me in. So if you talk to me in English, I’ll think in English. Or if you talk to me in Korean, I’ll think in Korean.

— Lisa

Upon hearing these words, the host asked another question BLINKs have wondered about—what language Lisa dreams in. Unlike in everyday situations, she said that her dreamland is unique.

I think I dream in Korean. Yeah, not Thai, not English.

— Lisa

Lisa explained that she doesn’t really mind which language she dreams in since being multi-lingual is a natural part of her life. She focuses more on the contents of her dreams rather than how they came to her.

I’m never like, ‘Oh, I dreamt in Thai’. I’m just like, ‘I dreamt…la di da di da’. That’s all I remember. I think I dream in Korean.

— Lisa

If you want to see Lisa’s full interview, check out the video below!

Source: YouTube


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