BLACKPINK’s Lisa Gets “Sad” About Fans’ Reactions To Her Tattoo For The Most Unexpected Reason

It’s all cleared up now, so Lisa doesn’t have to worry!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently revealed to a fan the unexpected reason she gets sad when hearing fans’ reactions to her tattoo.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

While tattoos are normally taboo in Korean society, especially for female idols, Lisa has joined a long list of stars sporting inkwork.

In March, netizens got their first glimpse of the tattoo when Harper’s Bazaar Singapore released teasers of BLACKPINK’s Lisa from their magazine. At the time, many even shared predictions on what the tattoo could be, with heartwarming ideas.

In April, Lisa then basically confirmed that she had more than one tattoo during a concert in Mexico when she showed one on her arm.

Lisa’s arm tattoo | @bIackpinkloops/Twitter

Even then, netizens had even more different ideas about what it could be…

Yet, it seems like Lisa might be upset about fans’ reactions to the tattoo for the most unexpected reason. On social media, a well-known Lisa fan shared a story about a conversation she’d had with Lisa about the beautiful artwork, and it seems to have caused some confusion.

In the post, the OP revealed that despite different thoughts, Lisa’s tattoo was a fairy, and fans constantly had the wrong idea.

On her way out, Lisa said she was sad because everyone thought her fairy tattoo looked like a mosquito…but it’s a fairy!

— Lisa

When the post was shared, netizens couldn’t get over how cute Lisa was and also loved the fact the idol had confirmed the real design rather than fans having to speculate.

While netizens finally know what the tattoo is, it will be nice to eventually find out the meaning behind the beautifully intricate design.

Source: @chace327


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