BLACKPINK’s Lisa Finally Shows Off New Arm Tattoo At “BORN PINK” Mexico Concert

It’s pretty and dainty πŸ’•

BLACKPINK‘s Mexican fans were in for a special treat at the group’s concert today at Foro Sol as Lisa finally unveiled her new arm tattoo!

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Previously, the Thai rapper cheekily ran away when a fan asked her about the tattoo, so this is a huge development.

Some BLINKS were even able to guess that the CELINE ambassador would reveal it in today’s concert, and they were spot on.Β Are you ready for it?

Lisa caught everyone off guard when she suddenly flexed her biceps, her dainty tattoo in full view.

Lisa’s arm tattoo | @bIackpinkloops/Twitter

Unfortunately, the photo is slightly blurry so it isn’t clear what the design is exactly. Some guessed that it’s a palm tree…

…others said it’s a lily flower with wings…

…a few thought it’s a fairy…

…and a number of people believe it’s a dragonfly.

Whichever the design is, it’s actually just one of many that Lisa already has. Here’s to hoping she reveals the others soon!

Meanwhile, check out her cute reaction to the fan mentioning her tattoo in the article below.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Earns Attention For Her Unexpected Reaction To Being Asked About Her Possible New Tattoo


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