BLACKPINK’s Lisa Immediately Sells Out The Clothes From Her “Elle Korea” Covers

She proved her power as the ambassador for Celine.

Because every member of BLACKPINK is an ambassador for at least one luxury brand, they’re always serving up fashionable looks that everyone wants to try for themselves. That’s precisely what happened when Lisa appeared on multiple covers for Elle Korea magazine. The outfits from two of the covers immediately sold out.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

On one of the covers, Lisa gazes charismatically into the camera with long, blonde hair, sharp winged liner, and a classy knitted jacket.

| @ELLE_KOREA/Twitter

Although the jacket was the only part of the outfit shown, it didn’t matter to fans. They headed to Celine‘s website and paid $3,600 USD for the “CHASSEUR” jacket.

| @iblinkforblink2/Twitter

On another cover for the magazine, Lisa switched up her style from casual to dressy. She wore a black suit jacket with matching shorts, a sparkly crop top, and a chic black belt.

| @ELLE_KOREA/Twitter

Like the jacket from before, fans quickly bought all of the expensive items from the Celine website.

  • $2,950 USD Jude Jacket
  • $1,850 USD Viscose Crop Top
  • $395 USD Elegant 11 Belt
  • $940 USD Triple-Pleated Tux Shorts
| @iblinkforblink2/Twitter

From how quickly Lisa sold out all of these items, it makes sense why the brand chose her as its ambassador.

Source: Twitter