When BLACKPINK’s Lisa Spoke Filipino Slang, She Broke The Internet

Fans said she was “Filipino at heart”.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa entertained fans with her hour-long interview with Penshoppe TV. She answered numerous questions from what makes her truly happy to the best thing that happened to her this year.

Probably the highlight of the entire video was when she was asked to speak Filipino! The host gave her a series of words and their meanings, and she happily recited them for the camera.

She said things like “How are you, BLINKs?” (kamusta)…

…and “Thank you” (salamat), a word she recalled from BLACKPINK’s In Your Area tour last 2019.

One of the most recent phrases on the list was “I wish everyone” or sana ol, which Lisa completed with, “Sana ol have a great day with me at Penshoppe TV”.

The word she said she’d adopt into her everyday language was bes, a title one calls friends.

Hey, Bes! I think I’m gonna use this. Maybe I’ll go to Rosie and be like, ‘Hi Bes! You’re my bes!’

— Lisa

She learned fast and used bes in conjunction with another word, chika, which means gossip!

Meanwhile, the Filipino word that she found most intriguing was lodi. The fact that it was basically the reverse of the word “idol” made it memorable. Instead of using it in a sarcastic or amused way, Lisa called her self a “lodi” because her job was being an idol.

Hi guys! I’m a lodi from Korea.

— Lisa

Unsurprisingly, Pinoy BLINKs responded ecstatically to the clip of her speaking Filipino. They loved how she used the same slang that they normally say on a daily basis.

They even commented that she’s Filipino at heart!

Even local celebrities like Heart Evangelista responded favorably to Lisa’s interview, offering to tour her around the Philippines the next time she’s in town.

For more Lisa content, check out the full interview below!