BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is A Huge “Squid Game” Fan, And Here’s What She Thinks About The TikTok “Money” Trend

Two worlds are colliding!

When the world of K-Pop and K-Dramas collide, it seems like the perfect collaboration for netizens worldwide. After the rising success of the Netflix series Squid Game, these kinds of interactions have become more common, with idols sharing their love and obsession for the franchise.

In particular, Squid Game has almost become almost inseparable from one group, and this is BLACKPINK!

The members of BLACKPINK | @BLACKPINK/ Twitter

One member who recently showcased her love for the show was Lisa! During her trip to America, Lisa visited the Zach Sang Show, where she spoke about everything from the BLACKPINK members, her debut solo, and much more.

As expected, Lisa was asked about her thoughts on Squid Game after talking about her iconic Younghee Halloween outfit. Like most of the world, she seems as obsessed with the K-Drama as everyone else.

Even though she wasn’t sure about whether season two was a spoiler or not, host Zach Sang even thought that Lisa could make a cameo in the future series, following Jisoo, who is starring in the JTBC K-Drama Snowdrop.

Lisa unsurprisingly couldn’t stop praising Jisoo’s talent but seemed less confident about her own abilities, adding, “Can I act? I don’t even know!

Even if Lisa doesn’t get a part in the next series, she already has a connection to the show. Lisa brought up the fact that her solo track “Money” was used in many viral videos for the show. The track took over everyone’s FYP and, with the catchy lyrics and uptempo beat, you can’t blame them?

BLACKPINK’s Lisa in “Money” video. | BLACKPINK/ YouTube

Fans were shocked to know that Lisa had seen a lot of the videos, yet it wasn’t surprising to see how excited she was about it.

I saw some viral videos on TikTok about Squid Game and ‘Money.’ I was like, ‘Yay, thank you!’

— Lisa

After the show was first released, TikTok became flooded with videos and edits from the show. In particular, many used Lisa’s track “Money” as the backing track, and it was no surprise that a badass song was the perfect BGM (background music) for such a badass show.


they should’ve included this scene #netflix #squidgame #seonggihun #blackpink #lisa #lalisa 👀 😭

♬ sonido original – <3


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♬ red light green light x money – jovynn

It isn’t the first time that BLACKPINK and Squid Game have had a perfect collaboration. Jennie was mentioned in the credits and visited the set because of her friendship with actress Jung Ho Yeon. Also, the inspiration behind the morbid coffins even had a BLACKPINK reference.

| Netflix Korea/ YouTube 

With a second series on the way, BLINKs would love to see a member of BLACKPINK in the show or even “Money” used as an OST. Hopefully, Lisa can live her Squid Game dream and be involved in the show in some way!

You can watch the full interview below.

Source: Zach Sang Show

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