Lisa Tells All About Fashion: BLACKPINK’s Style, Her Personal Faves, And More

She reveals how the girls decide what they wear and her current obsessions.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently discussed everything about fashion, from the image of her group to her own casual style she rocks when she’s not on stage.

She reveals she never had to try to fit in with BLACKPINK’s style because she feels it accurately represents her own style.

BLACKPINK style resembles me a lot. Actually, it’s just me. So I’ve never had to think or worry about, ‘What should I do to look more like BLACKPINK?’

— Lisa

Luckily, BLACKPINK has a tight-knit relationship with their stylist so they can bounce ideas off of each other and are free to try new styles or trends that might pique their interest.

We, BLACKPINK, are very close to our stylist, so we talk about concepts and style a lot. We share a lot of ideas about different styles to try and what might suit us.

— Lisa

As for Lisa’s personal fashion favorites, she revealed she’s a big fan of the vintage era seen in movies like “Midnight in Paris and enjoys collecting limited edition and rare items. However, her day-to-day style is a bit different from the glam and fashion-forward looks she rocks on stage.

In everyday life, I usually wear comfortable clothes and shoes — mostly tennis shoes. But when I’m on stage, I like clothes that go well with the songs, and clothes that are fancy and bold.

— Lisa