BLACKPINK’s Lisa Teaches Jisoo How To Twerk, And It Turns Into A Funny Dance Battle

They knew who the winner was 😂

BLACKPINK has been creating fun memories on their BORN PINK world tour, including a funny twerk battle between Lisa and Jisoo.

Lisa and Jisoo. | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

While “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST” began to play, Jisoo and Lisa decided to have some fun with their freestyle dancing. Lisa kicked it off by showing Jisoo how she twerks. Jisoo was excited to show her own version, grabbing Lisa’s arm.

Jisoo showed her version of twerking, making Lisa ready to give another demonstration.

Lisa showed Jisoo how to do it once more. That’s when Jisoo got another idea.

Jisoo put her own twist on it by exaggeratedly shaking her hips to the song’s beat. Lisa playfully slapped Jisoo on the butt.

Lisa then burst into laughter as she gave Jisoo her stamp of approval for being creative. Jisoo couldn’t help but laugh, either.

Leave it up to the funny duo of Jisoo and Lisa to turn twerking into a fun dance battle.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram


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