BLACKPINK’s Lisa Wore A Bow As A Shirt And We Are Obsessed

She’s a literal goddess!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has once again shown the world what the true definition of beauty is.

For the cover of Vogue Hong Kong‘s July 2021 issue, Lisa looked absolutely radiant wearing a leather bow tube-top by Shushu/Tong!

| Vogue Hong Kong

The large bow partnered with Lisa’s slim-cut vinyl-effect trousers from Parisian brand Courrèges accentuates her absolutely tiny waist. Only Lisa could pull off such a daring outfit with this much poise and elegance!

| Vogue Hong Kong

On Vogue Hong Kong’s official website, more details were shared about fashion director Sean K‘s concept for Lisa’s stunning look.

Vogue Hong Kong’s fashion director Sean K. worked closely with Korean photographer Kim Hee June to highlight Lisa’s powerful and captivating presence, while also bringing out a lesser-seen, more sensual side of her—It’s all about fashion, It’s all about Lisa.

This marks Lisa’s fifth Vogue feature in the past two months alone, as she has also recently appeared on covers for Vogue Japan, Vogue Korea, Vogue Thailand, and Vogue Taiwan.

What is your favorite Lisa photoshoot?