The Name Of BLACKPINK’s Title Track Might Have Been Leaked…By YG Entertainment

Fans might have discovered the name of BLACKPINK’s next release.

The name of BLACKPINK‘s next release might have been spoiled by their own agency, YG Entertainment. (Oops! How You Like That?)

| @sooyaaa___/Instagram

The official BLACKPINK Instagram (@blackpinkofficial) posted a mysterious new teaser image that accidentally gave away its secrets.

When BLINKs took a peek at the image’s info, they discovered the name “LSG_TEASER.jpg”. Could this be the new title track?

Back in August, BLINK uncovered the tracklist for BLACKPINK’s upcoming album, [BLACKPINK THE ALBUM], by zooming in on a photo of its CD. The eight songs are: “How You Like That”, “Ice Cream” (Featuring Selena Gomez), “Pretty Savage”, “Bet You Wanna” (Featuring Cardi B), “Crazy Over You”, “Love To Hate Me”, “You Never Know”…


…and “Lovesick Girls”. Shortly after word spread about “LSG_TEASER.jpg”, the image’s name was changed to “Coming.jpg”.

Was this “leak” intentional? Will “Lovesick Girls” be the next song released? We won’t have to wait much longer to find out. [BLACKPINK THE ALBUM] will be released on October 2 at 12 AM (EST).