BLACKPINK Members Show Love And Support For Jisoo’s Upcoming Drama “Snowdrop”

We love women supporting women 🖤💖

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo‘s highly anticipated K-Drama on JTBC Snowdrop officially airs on December 18th at 10:30pm KST (8:30am EST).


Jisoo’s debut acting role finds her as the Female Lead: Eun Young Ro. Snowdrop will center around two college students who fall in love in South Korea in 1987 during a highly political time.

| Harper’s BAZAAR Korea

The BLACKPINK singer will act alongside Jung Hae In who plays Im Soo Ho. The two have had so much chemistry leading up to the drama’s release, that netizens have been buzzing about it!

The other BLACKPINK members promised that no matter what, they would watch the drama when it airs on TV, even when I was filming, because we contact each other so often, they were always cheering me on.

—Jisoo, Harper’s BAZAAR Korea

It’s nice to know that the members were so supportive of Jisoo throughout the entire filming process! Earlier today (December 16th), Jisoo attended a press conference for the premiere of Snowdrop and fellow members Jennie and Rosé showed support for their leader on Instagram!

Jennie posted a picture of Jisoo on her Instagram story.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Our Young Ro 🖤 looking so so so forward to it.”

And Rosé reposted Jisoo’s post to her story.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Our unni is pretty. Please let Snowdrop be a hit 🌧”

Jisoo then reposted both the girls’ stories to her own with cute replies to both.

Thank you dumpling, let’s make and eat dumplings again 🥟” to Jennie (in response to Jenntuber’s upcoming new Youtube vlog).

And Rosé’s with “chtalker chaengi 🦫 🤍 ”  referring to the “On The Ground” singer as her birth name and “stalker” cutely thrown in front of it. 😂

Jisoo also went on Instagram Live later on and mentioned that Lisa must’ve watched the press conference because she texted Jisoo.

“Lisa may have watched my [conference], because she sent me a message earlier saying, ‘unni, you looked pretty! You worked hard.’”

—Jisoo, IG Live

How sweet! Jisoo looked gorgeous in a Dior black velvet mini-dress, black pumps and classic diamond earrings from Cartier (both designers she’s a Brand Ambassador for).

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram
| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

We can’t wait to see the first episode and we know the other BLACKPINK members feel the same! Make sure to check out more details of Snowdrop prior to its premiere on December 18th on JTBC.

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