Here’s Why It’s Impossible To Dislike BLACKPINK, According To A Music Critic

You can’t disagree with this logic.

Recently, music critic Kim Young Dae sat down to discuss various K-Pop artists that are dominating the industry, including BLACKPINK.

Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé | BLACKPINK Summer Diary 2019

His initial statement might sound harsh, but he has his reasoning.

If you dislike them, you’re not human. *laughs*

— Kim Young Dae

The reasoning? BLACKPINK shows a variety of talents and is full of many different kinds of charms that you might not be able to find all in one group.

They can pull off a fierce and badass concept with their confidence but also still have their cute and feminine sides.

On top of that, they’re all talented singers and dancers. Since they don’t lack in any areas, everyone can find something they enjoy about BLACKPINK.

They have a lot of swag, confidence, they’re cute and lovely. They sing and dance well and their image is cool.

— Kim Young Dae

Basically, as long as you’re human, you’ll succumb to their charms!

If you don’t have a twisted mind, it’s a group that’s hard to dislike.

— Kim Young Dae

In the end, Kim Young Dae revealed his bias is none other than Jennie!

Check out his full video below.