BLACKPINK Has Just Landed Another Major CF Deal

And it seems like Mise en Scene made the perfect choice!

BLACKPINK has been selected as the new models for the hair cosmetics brand Mise en Scène.

In the photo released by Amore Pacific, each member presented a hair color from Mise en Scène’s Hello Bubble Foam Color line that suited their image. Lisa was shown with the color “Vanilla Gold”, Jennie with “Ash Khaki Brown”, Jisoo with “Dusty Ash” and Rose with “Sahara Rose Pink”.


Mise en Scène and BLACKPINK both expressed their excitement for this new collaboration and have indicated that they have high expectations.

“We expect to deliver the joy of expressing one’s individual character and beauty through the various hairstyles that highlight the different charms and aesthetics of each BLACKPINK member.” ㅡ Mise en Scène Affiliate

“We will continue to make an effort to show a variety of hairstyles that can satisfy the trends along with Mise en Scène.” ㅡ BLACKPINK


BLACKPINK also recently filmed an advertisement for O-LENS that had left fans in awe of their beauty, which only adds to their expectations for their latest project! 2018 is truly turning out to be the year of BLACKPINK!

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  • “BLACKPINK is awesome!”
  • “BLACKPINK is a luxury idol so Mise en Scene is now a luxury brand~~~~><“
  • “I’m only going to use Mise en Scene from now on!”
  • “It suits them perfectly with their elegant visuals. Any product will look luxurious if BLACKPINK is their model.”
  • “They’re so beautiful and cool~BLACKPINK.”
Source: Segye Ilbo and Naver