BLACKPINK Beats Out Even Eminem For YouTube Records And Becomes Top Female Artist Globally

Up is the only way to go.

BLACKPINK has broke yet another record, as they have now reached a YouTube subscribers count that has surpassed Eminem. At a total of over 44,000,000 subscribers, they are now the top female artist on YouTube globally, and 4th overall in the artist category.

| YG Entertainment

On the 16th of August 2020, the official YouTube channel for BLACKPINK, as run by YG Entertainment, surpassed 44 million subscribers at 9am in the morning. This puts them at more subscribers than huge names in the industry including Ariana Grande. They now contend with the top 3 globally, Ed Sheeran, DJ Marshmellow and Justin Bieber. This record is a first, not only for female artists, but also K-Pop artists in general. They are the first K-Pop artists to reach such a height.

| YG Entertainment

In just 4 years in the industry, they broke the record of Eminem who’s on his 23rd year in the business, proving their immense success and popularity.

| YG Entertainment

On the other hand, their collaborative single with Selena Gomez will be released on the 28th of August, while their first full-length album will be released in October. Stakes are high as all eyes in the world are watching them and anxiously awaiting for their new music.

Source: Chosun