BLACKPINK Is Officially Featuring On Lady Gaga’s Newest Album

The song title was completely different than everyone thought.

While there have been many opportunities and rumors about BLACKPINK collaborating with other artists, fans will be happy to know that one of them has now been confirmed.

With the release of a supposedly leaked tracklist for Lady Gaga‘s upcoming album and seeing a familiar name listed, BLINKs were speculating that BLACKPINK would be a part of it. At the time, YG Entertainment didn’t confirm or deny the claim.

Now that superstore Target has listed the album Chromatica on their website for pre-order, they also dropped the official tracklist, confirming what fans had been thinking all along but revealing a whole new title.

For track ten, the song wasn’t titled with either of the changes “Castles & Mountains” or “Kindness Punks” it had supposedly gone through. It settled on something entirely different, titled “Sour Candy” and features special guests: “With BLACKPINK.”

Not only is BLACKPINK finally collaborating with another artist after Dua Lipa, but any new music from the group is a blessing to BLINKs. Are you looking forward to hearing the track? Two powerhouses together will be amazing.