BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” Will Be Excluded From “Music Bank” Charts

They will not be able to win on “Music Bank”.

BLACKPINK has recently come back with “Pink Venom”. Although they managed to clinch wins on both M!Countdown and Inkigayo, fans noticed that they were not even amongst the front runners during the week of August 26, 2022, for Music Bank.

BLACKPINK won on both M!Countdown and Inkigayo that week.

M!Countdown runner-ups scoring where BLACKPINK took the win. | Mnet

After speaking to broadcaster KBS, Korean media reported that the reason was simple. The song contained mentions of brands, which made it unfit for scoring. In the rap, Lisa gives a shoutout to the brand CELINE, a luxury house that has become almost synonymous with Lisa.

This the life of a vandal, masked up and I’m still in CELINE.

— Lisa, “Pink Venom”

“Pink Venom” had been missing from Music Bank‘s K-Chart for September. Previously, when BLACKPINK had been promoting with “Lovesick Girls”, they had charted at 38th place. But thanks to the mention of CELINE in the lyrics, the song had been excluded from the charts for “mentioning a specific brand thereby going against the 46th clause in the rules for broadcast”.

Normally, while companies will edit the problematic portion of songs and ask for a reevaluation, it was reported that YG Entertainment had not made any requests for reevaluation. “Pink Venom” will thereby continue to be excluded from K-Chart and will not place on Music Bank.


Source: Yonhap News