BLACKPINK Earns Praise For Stopping Their Concert To Address Safety Concerns

The members quickly stepped in to help.

BLACKPINK recently wrapped two successful nights of their BORN PINK shows in London and earned praise for the way they handled a potentially dangerous situation in the most heartwarming way.

(From left to right) BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé | @personablink/Twitter

BLACKPINK completed the North American leg of their BORN PINK world tour and are currently in Europe for 10 of their 45 scheduled concerts.

Their first stop was London, England, and the members proved they were the main event from the moment they arrived at the airport.

BLACKPINK performed at The O2 Arena in London, a 20,000-capacity venue that was recently named the ninth-largest building in the world by volume. Their two London concerts were the only UK shows on their tour, so the venue was unsurprisingly packed with BLINKs who were thrilled at the chance to see the famous group.

The members had fans mesmerized with their overflowing charisma and confidence on stage, performing their greatest hits and showing their individual talents during their solo stages.

The energy was infectious both nights, and on the second night, fans who attended reported that the rambunctious crowd began pushing, causing the front of the standing section to become uncomfortably crowded.

The members noticed what was happening and realized the situation could become dangerous. Not wanting anything to happen, they took time during their set to ask the crowd to move back.

Jennie shared that during her solo stage, she saw someone was pushed from behind and reminded fans that their safety was BLACKPINK’s number one priority.

To prove just how serious they were, the group asked for the music that was playing to be turned off. As they addressed the crowds, the venue screens had a message asking BLINKs to be mindful of those around them.

[Request to all BLINKs]

Safety is our top priority.
We ask for your cooperation to please respect each other
Be mindful of each other
(Especially no pushing please)

Enjoy the show!

BLACKPINK earned praise for the way they swiftly and efficiently handled the situation, showing their complete control over the crowd as the group refused to continue the show until they made sure BLINKs were safe.

Jennie also earned attention for the hilarious way she “called out” the crowd for not taking a step back as requested.

Luckily, the crowd made space and the show was completed without issue.

When BLACKPINK isn’t protecting BLINKs, they’re protecting each other. Check out the article below for the heartwarming way Rosé kept Lisa safe on their way to London.

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