BLACKPINK Reveals Their Pre-Show Ritual That They Absolutely Must Do Before Every Performance

This is what they do before every show!

BLACKPINK recently guested on The Late Late Show with James Corden. In the episode, they not only performed a stunning rendition of “Pretty Savage”, but also sat down to give fans a few tidbits.


James Corden asked the girls if they had any pre-show routines they couldn’t live without. As do most idols, BLACKPINK shared they too have a little “ritual” they like to carry out before taking the stage.

Lisa revealed that before performances, the girls would do a “low-five“. The low-five, as she explained, isn’t your typical high-five. Although they would gather their hands together like a normal high-five, BLACKPINK takes things as icy cool as they are and opts for a chill, low-energy “1, 2, 3, oh” instead!

James also made sure to hype their concert up. BLACKPINK’s to host their first live stream concert real soon on January 31, 2021.

For those who missed the show-stopping performance, here’s “Pretty Savage” as brought to you by BLACKPINK.