BLACKPINK Receives Love Calls From American Shows, YG Responds

BLACKPINK’s latest success has reached even the most popular US shows!

BLACKPINK has been receiving lots of love calls from American broadcast stations to feature on their show. News reports state that BLACKPINK will soon be breaking into the States thanks to the tremendous success of their latest album, “SQUARE UP”.

Ever since BLACKPINK began breaking records with “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, some of the most popular American broadcast station producers have contacted them to appear on their shows. Their popularity comes as no surprise as even Forbes praised their recent album’s success.

“[BLACKPINK] delivered big-time with the “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” video, a glitzy spectacle that features the members strutting through fiery wastelands, swinging on chandeliers and munching on popcorn atop bejeweled tanks. The song itself is a certified banger, combining crisp trap beats, breezy synth hooks and infectious vocal melodies.”

— Forbes Magazine

YG Entertainment responded to the news about BLACKPINK’s popularity among US broadcast stations. They revealed that nothing has yet been decided about their possible appearances.

“Nothing has been decided yet.”

— YG Entertainment

Source: Osen and Forbes