BLACKPINK Released Their “ICE CREAM” Music Video Behind The Scenes, And It Was Chaotic Fun All Around

Yes, that’s a real capybara.

The “M/V Making Film” of BLACKPINK‘s music video for “ICE CREAM” (featuring Selena Gomez) was released on August 29.  The bright and fun video perfectly matched the sweet song that accompanied it.


BLACKPINK was seen enjoying their insert shots the most. They played a game of mini table tennis…

…and hung out with a capybara. Jennie even tried to imitate its expression, making for a fun shot for BLINKs to see!


Though Jennie’s solo scene buddy was a real capybara, Lisa’s was her beloved cat Louis in the form of a cute toy.


She still had fun playing around with the cat, however, as it had its very own mini car as well.

This is my youngest baby, Louis. Naw, you’re so good at driving!

— Lisa

The girls further shared their excitement over having Selena Gomez feature in the song since she is an artist they look up to.

It’s such a huge honor to be collaborating with Selena Gomez.

— Rosé

They revealed that the American singer shot her music video scenes separately.

We’ve talked to her via video call and we’re shooting the M/V in our own spaces, so I’m really looking forward to it.

— Rosé

When it comes to their point choreography, they showed off a simple finger-licking movement that anyone can follow.

The killing point of this choreography is really easy.

— Lisa

They ended the behind-the-scenes video by asking BLINKs to support their comeback.

It’s such a bright, energetic song, so it would be good if our fans like it too. Please look forward to ‘ICE CREAM’!


Check out the full video below!