BLACKPINK Reveals They’ve Never Been As Vulnerable As In Their Upcoming Netflix Documentary

They’re excited for fans to watch.

BLACKPINK‘s documentary with Netflix, “BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky”, is a chance for fans to get to know them on a deeper level. As fans saw in its trailer, their journey was definitely an emotional one.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, BLACKPINK teased fans with new statements on the Netflix release. After watching the full documentary, the host asked them if they’re ready for fans to see them in a new light.

You learn so much about each of you individually and also just how dedicated you are to your craft. How excited are you for fans to see a more vulnerable side of BLACKPINK because you guys really let it out there.

— Entertainment Tonight Host

Jennie immediately agreed with him about their emotional side being exposed. She revealed that the members were much more careful to protect their image in their first few years as idols.

I think it was the right time for us to share those moments with our fans because in the beginning of our debut, we wanted to be very sure about the contents that we put out.

— Jennie

She explained that they were careful “to make sure we don’t let anyone see our flaws”. As time passed, however, they’ve finally become more self-assured version of themselves.

But I think we’ve come to a point where we’re kinda laidback and [we can] kinda share the unfiltered versions of us to the world.

— Jennie

“Light Up The Sky” is a culmination of years of the member’s experience in the industry that fans can finally take a close look at.

This is how we started. This is why and how we got here. This is our story.

— Jennie

Rosé ended the sentiment perfectly: “We’re ready to be just vulnerable. It’s about time that [fans] get stuff like that.” BLACKPINK’s “Light Up The Sky” will be released on October 14 through Netflix.