BLACKPINK’s Rosé Gets A Little Tipsé Before The Saint Laurent Fashion Show And We’re LIVING For It

Tipsé is so adorable!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently rocked the front row at Saint Laurent‘s fashion show in Paris. She flew all the way from Korea just to attend the prestigious Paris Fashion Week. While we all know that she knocked back a shot (or two!) of tequila in her limo to calve her nerves…

… fans were amused to see the girl posing her way through the photo wall! It seemed that not only did the alcohol do the trick to calm her nerves and give us this fire photo…

| @juliendc/Instagram

…she also seemed a little tipsé!

| @jennieloml/Twitter

Fans seemed to love the new side of her.

Certainly some character development from when she used to have to make the disclaimer that she was not drinking alcohol on her ‘gram!