BLACKPINK’s Rosé Had The Most Relatable Way To Calm Her Nerves Before Paris Fashion Week, And BLINKs Can’t Get Enough

It is a full-proof method!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé once again stole the hearts of fans worldwide after she made an appearance at the Yves Saint Laurent runway show during this year’s 2022 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week. 

Along with member Jisoo, Rosé looked stunning as she took a front-row seat at the show as the brand’s ambassador.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé at the YSL show | @juliendc/ Instagram

During the show, it seems as if Rosé was the main event gaining attention for her effortless visuals and unrivaled elegance.

Yet, alongside her dazzling visuals, Rosé caught the attention of fans for her preshow ritual. Rosé posted some of her journey to the show on her Instagram story. Fans couldn’t help but laugh as she brought out a small cup, explaining that she needed a tequila shot.

Tequila shots before the show because I’m nervous. I have no like lemon or anything.

— Rosé

| @roses_are_rosie/ Instagram

Although she didn’t have lemon to have with the drink, Rosé seemed to enjoy the shot!

| @roses_are_rosie/ Instagram

Despite her lack of lemon, Rosé seemed to enjoy her shot, and whether it made a difference or not, it seems as if she did have more fun. However, there is no denying that she seemed cool, calm, and collected during the show!

After the story was posted, fans couldn’t get enough of Rosé’s method to control her nerves, and it was definitely relatable to a lot of people!

There is no denying that Rosé is iconic AF, and it is surprising to think that after performing in front of so many people, that she would still get nervous. You can read more about her appearance at the show below.

Source: Rosé IG