BLACKPINK’s Rosé Was Asked To Imitate Her Pet Fish, And Chaos Ensued

It was one for the books.

When it comes to creating a chaotic but amusing mess, BLACKPINK never disappoints! In their latest appearance in 1theK Original’s Prison Interview, they had a fun time answering questions to escape the room.

In one of the earlier challenges, Rosé was asked to imitate her very own beloved pet fish, Joohwang: “Mimic your house pet’s voice and brag about it for 10 seconds.” 

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

At first, she wiggled in place with a slightly embarrassed smile on her face to mimic Joohwang’s cute nature.

Despite being top-to-toe adorable, her members wanted more. Lisa asked her to act cute for ten full seconds, and the maknae even lent a hand—literally—to be of service.

When they tried to imitate Joohwang again, Jennie and Jisoo immediately noticed the problem: between Lisa and Rosé, who was the actual fish?

Something’s wrong. Who was Joohwang?

— Jisoo

They were both too similar! The main vocalist broke down in embarrassment at the comments on her acting.

This isn’t the first time Rosé was a certified fish mama. She previously asked to be class president in 24/365 with BLACKPINK by saying she’d make school just like a pet cafe. Like the proud mom that she is, she even had an exact idea where she’d put Joohwang’s tank in the room!

If you want to see Rosé imitate her favorite pet fish, check out the full video below.