An Alleged Leak Of BLACKPINK Rosé And Bella Poarch’s “Build A B*tch” Remix Has Fans Demanding For More Of Songwriter Rosé

Rosé’s pen is mighty.

While leaked music is rarely something to celebrate, fans of BLACKPINK can’t help but hype up an alleged leak of Rosé and Bella Poarch‘s “Build A B*tch” remix, especially because of Rosé’s personally penned verses.

Rosé sings the second half of the remix, and while the chorus remains the same as the original, her verses are new and self-written. With a creative pun using her own name, Rosé’s lyrics are full of class and sass.



Initially leaked from multiple sources, one being unseenyg from Instagram and another being leakerbello, who emailed the audio to a BLACKPINK Turkish fanbase, the motivations behind the leaks are not out of malice but out of support. YG Entertainment is known for not crediting the girls for their contribution to music, and with the disappointment of the lack of songs on BLACKPINK’s upcoming album and no news of the collaborations with Grammy-winning producer Ryan Tedder, fans have had enough of YG’s constant neglect of BLACKPINK musically.

| @unseenyg/Instagram

What makes the leak funnier is how it was sent to the Turkish fanbase in August 2021, but because it went straight to spam, they didn’t discover the file until now.

Piecing it all together, it now makes sense why Rosé and Bella Poarch were captured in photos together in LA last year.

| @jenniesrene/Twitter

Also, Salem Ilese, who co-wrote “Build-A-B*tch,” shared how she had met Rosé in Los Angeles a while back.

We don’t know why the official release never happened, but BLINKs are thankful for the chance to hear Rosé’s beautiful vocals and savage wordplay. At least for BORN PINK, we have Rosé and Jisoo as co-writers for their fourth track, “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” but BLINKs know that Rosé and the rest of the girls have worked on so much more music, and they deserve to be released.

You can listen to the full audio of Rosé and Bella Poarch’s remix here: