BLACKPINK’s Rosé Ignored The “Coachella” Prompter And Gave An Even More Heartwarming Message To The Crowd

Best girl indeed.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is a born performer! Besides being able to sing and dance at a high level, her stage presence is also hard to match. Part of this is the way she interacts with the crowd.

This was evident especially in the second week of Coachella 2023 which was also the second time BLACKPINK headlined the famous festival.

Here, a prompter was placed in front of the stage like usual to serve as a guide to the artists for both song lyrics and messages in between sets. At one point, Rosé chose not to read it; she was supposed to hype up the crowd with a line about cheering if they were enjoying themselves.

Coachella, you’ve been amazing tonight. Make some noise if you had a good time with us.

— Prompter Script

| @allmyloverosie/Twitter

Instead, she changed the generic script to one that was more inclusive of the group’s fans.

BLINKs, I want you all to savor this moment because this is ours!

— Rosé

She said it while the instrumental music built up in the background, creating an even more sentimental moment.

This has been an unforgettable night and a long journey here. We love you all. Now sing this next part with me.

— Rosé

BLINKs reacted positively to the change that Rosé made. They took to Twitter to exclaim that she was the “best girl” and that they “loved her” for it.

They noticed the subtle difference in her message versus the prompter’s. The former emphasized the group’s fans and their part in making this Coachella dream a reality.

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