BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals Her New “Ranking” From Her Dog, Hank

She’s not his favorite person yet!

In a recent interview with ELLE KoreaBLACKPINK’s Rosé revealed the new “ranking” given to her by her beloved dog, Hank!

Previously, she revealed that she thought she might be Hank’s third favorite person. However, there’s been a recent change!

Since she was able to spend more time with him due to her schedule, she believes she’s climbing up the ranks!

When I wasn’t that busy recently, I was able to be with him for a long period of time.

— Rosé

So if he sees me after not seeing more for a short period of time, he becomes really affectionate towards me.

— Rosé

Hank’s recently opened up more to her, giving her more kisses than ever before!

She might not have reached #1 yet, but her place has changed.

So because he’s been very expressive these days, I want to believe that I’m second now!

— Rosé

Rosé previously revealed during the Zach Sang Show that Hank’s #1 choice is none other than her mom!

Recently I’ve had a lot of work so my mom has been taking care of Hank a lot. Nowadays I think he kind of likes my mom a bit more. It actually—it breaks my heart.

— Rosé

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

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