Here Are BLACKPINK Rosé’s Dieting Tips To Maintain Her Weight

Here’s how she gets her slender physique.

In a recent interview with ELLE Korea, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé spilled some of her secrets to maintaining her flawless figure.

Despite being blessed with naturally a naturally slender body, she shared some easy diet tips that anyone can try for immediate results.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

For starters, Rosé revealed that she identified some of her unhealthy eating habits that would make her appear puffier on camera, like eating spicy food and late night snacking.

Before filming, she does her best to avoid spicy food…

…and makes sure to not eat anything late at night. By making dinner your last meal of the day, your body has time to properly digest your food before going to sleep.

Like the rest of us, when working hard, Rosé’s appetite comes back!

When I work, I get to want tteokbokki or any other spicy foods.

— Rosé

She passes on these cravings while filming and opts for healthier choices that won’t bloat her.

So while I’m filming, I try to eat veggies like salad.

— Rosé

Making the choice is hard, but she knows that once her work is done, she can eat the food she wants!

Make sure to not deprive yourself of your favorite things sometimes, like Rosé!

I eat every spicy food I’ve been waiting to eat.

— Rosé

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