3 Heartwarming Memories From BLACKPINK Rosé’s Childhood That She Opened Up To Fans

She also showed never-before-seen footage from her childhood!

On March 18, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé launched her very own YouTube channel. For her first video, she released a beautifully shot interview where she dished on her solo debut, former and current dreams, and childhood memories.

Rosé was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia. In the video, she opened up to fans and shared meaningful stories from that time. Check them out below!

1. Story Behind Her Name

When on the topic of how she was named “Roseanne,” she shared that her parents bought a name book before she was born. Her dad stumbled upon the name “Roseanne” and took a liking to it, and the rest is history!

I was born in New Zealand, so I needed an English name. My parents apparently bought a name book. I think it was my dad who looked through it. So they were searching through names, and he came across the name ‘Roseanne.’ I think my dad found that name to be really nice, so he chose it. I’m gonna have to ask him again, but from my memory, that’s how they decided on that name.

— Rosé

2. Childhood House

Rosé then recalled the house that she was raised in, remarking on the little stairs leading up to the front door. The house’s “cozy” size was perfect for their family of four.

I have memories from the first house I can remember. You had to go up little stairs to get to the front door. I remember it being a nice, cozy house just perfect for the four of us.

— Rosé

3. Early Love For Music

Finally, she remembered how her love for music took root and grew into what it is today. She would take naps after she arrived home from school, and immediately after waking up, she would play the piano.

I used to love taking naps back then. I would sleep 2-3 hours after coming back from school, and after waking up, I would play the piano. I enjoyed playing it so much. I think that’s when I started to grow my love for music.

— Rosé

After hearing her heartwarming stories, Rosé’s childhood can easily be described as charming and ideal!

Check out more footage from Rosé’s childhood in the full video below!

Source: ROSÉ