Netizens Shocked At How BLACKPINK’s Rosé Turns A Discount Store Ad Into A “Luxury” Ad

“Crazy, is this an ad for a mart? LOL”

As an ambassador of Saint Laurent, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is known for her luxurious and elegant image. When she brought the same energy to an advertisement for a discount store, netizens were thrown for a loop!

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

With the classy music, black and white footage, and Rosé’s vibe, it could easily pass for a designer advertisement.

However, you would never guess it’s actually for Homeplus, a chain discount store that’s popular throughout Korea.

“Is this the Homeplus I know? My heart’s fluttering…,” a netizen wrote, shook by the drastic change in image. Some believe the shift was purposeful and adding a star like Rosé would elevate the image of Homeplus, somewhat ironically giving it a fancier feeling.

Her sultry voice ads to the ambience. If the overall vibe makes you think of Saint Laurent, than it’s definitely working!

Rosé’s star power can make even the most average brands and chains feel like luxury.

Check out the full ad below!