BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Jennie Are Spotted Having The Best Time After Attending “Bestie” Harry Styles’ Concert In Korea

A photo of Rosé and Harry Styles was also shared! 

Although BLACKPINK might be the biggest girl group in the world, it doesn’t stop the members from being fans of their own favorite musicians. Recently, Rosé and Jennie gained attention after attending a concert by a famous singer.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram
BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @Jennierubyjane/Instagram

While more Western artists have been coming to Korea, one star gaining attention is none other than Harry Styles.

Harry Styles recently arrived in Korea for his shows at the KSPO Dome. The singer even had a true K-Pop welcome as the media was waiting to take photos of his arrival.

Harry Styles was met by media when arriving in Korea

Well, as the show got underway on March 20 (KST), fans were sharing their experiences from the show, and it seemed like it started with a K-Pop flair. Before the show began, there was an iconic “K-Pop themed” playlist, and “PINK VENOM” was played.

It seems like it might have been the best choice as it seems like it wasn’t only BLINKs that could enjoy it. Those attending the concert revealed that they had spotted Rosé and Jennie at the concert.

While there is no video of Jennie entering, a Rosé fansite captured the idol looking absolutely beautiful and even greeting fans on her way inside.

| @record211/Twitter
| @record211/Twitter   

Inside the venue, BLINKs managed to capture photos of the two idols going to their seats. While the images are blurry, it’s obvious that it is Jennie and Rosé.

| @blackpinkbabo/Twitter
| @blackpinkbabo/Twitter

Netizens attending the show shared how the duo was having the best time, dancing along to the songs like any fans would.

Rosé even shared a video of her and Jennie vibing along to the music on her Instagram.

After the show ended, a photo of Rosé and Harry Styles was shared, and it was definitely a full circle of interactions between the stars.

The reason fans were even more excited about the members attending is that not only is Harry Styles seemingly a BLINK, after even attending one of BLACKPINK’s American tour dates but Jennie was also spotted grooving to Harry Style’s set at Coachella.

One OP also recently revealed that after Harry Styles arrived in Korea for the shows, BLACKPINK recommended a restaurant to him and even paid for the meal.

1. He came to the restaurant in a Carnival van.

2. BLACKPINK recommended the restaurant.

3. BLACKPINK already pre-paid for him so when Harry was about to pay after eating, he got surprised.

4. He knows Sonny (Son Heung Min).

5. While the meat was being grilled, he talked to the service staff and replied all their questions and was totally sweet and friendly.

6. He’s vegan so he only ate the soybean paste stew and not the meat… but it was spicy so he couldn’t really enjoy it.

— @cami_bluu

Whether there will be any BLACKPINK x Harry Styles crumbs, fans will have to wait for the concert to end. It is always great to see idols taking time out and enjoying music like any fans. It wouldn’t be surprising if the venue was filled with other idols all wanting to watch Harry Styles.

You can read more about their unexpected friendship below.

BLACKPINK’s Unexpected Friendship With Harry Styles Gains Attention After They Pay For His Meal In Korea