It’s Official: BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is A Meme Lover Like The Rest Of Us

Jennie didn’t get the reference. 😂

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie takes Disneyland with Rosé in her latest vlog and things get chaotic!

As expected, it was nothing short of hilarious when these two girls spend time together!

Exploring different attractions, they went to the Star Wars exhibit when Rosé made a hilarious reference that Jennie wasn’t quite ready for.

‘Apparently, I’ve never been to the Star Wars…’

— Rosé

It’s safe to say that Jennie didn’t get the reference!

[To Jennie] Do you know what this is?

— Rosé

The original line comes from the meme “Apparently Kid,” known for his line, “Apparently, I’ve never been on live television before!”

Don’t worry, Rosé. Everyone experiences making a reference that our friends awkwardly don’t get!

Apparently, I have no idea what’s happening!

— Rosé

Watch their full trip to Disneyland and more below!