BLACKPINK Rosé’s Bodyguards Didn’t Know It Was Jisoo Running Up To Her

They were ready to protect Rosé from a crazy fan!

K-Pop idol bodyguards will do anything to protect their designated artist. From helping them walk up the stairs carefully to protecting them from deranged fans, they do it all!

NCT 127’s bodyguard protects them from an aggressive fan at the airport.

That’s why during a recent trip to France, BLACKPINK Rosé‘s bodyguards were in for a surprise when Jisoo suddenly came running up to her! It all started on Jisoo’s day off when she chose to explore around Paris and do some shopping and sight-seeing with staff.

She couldn’t help but reminisce over a memory she once shared with Rosé. Little did she know, she was actually foreshadowing an event later on in the vlog!

While visiting the Hill of Montmartre, Jisoo heard that someone familiar was also visiting around this area.

I heard Rosé is here somewhere!

— Jisoo

Spotting her on the stairs, Jisoo suddenly acted as if she was a fan running up to Rosé. She quickly captured the attention of Rosé’s bodyguards and staff members.

Ms. Rosé! Ms. Rosé!

— Jisoo

When Rosé turned around and the staff members realized it was Jisoo, everyone was shocked!

Staff: “I was surprised!”

Rosé: *Squealing*

Jisoo: “Wow, Ms. Rosé, I’m such a fan!”

While in their group hug, Jisoo was amazed by how well Rosé’s guards protected before they knew it was Jisoo.

Wow, your security guards are really on alert, aren’t they!

— Jisoo

Rosé was definitely confused by the way Jisoo was calling her “Ms. Rosé.”

I was wondering who was calling me like that. I’ve never seen anyone call me like that!

— Rosé

After meeting up, the girls discussed their past Paris memories…

JS: We meet again at the Hill of Montmartre. I was literally just talking about you. Did we go on that merry-go-round underneath there?

RS: We didn’t.

JS: Were we not able to? No, we did, right? Did we just sit down on a not moving one?

RS: Yeah, we just took pics sitting on one.

…and even took commemorative photos together!

Watch Jisoo’s full Paris vlog below.