BLACKPINK’s Rosé Caught A Lucky Break — And It Was Exactly What Her Members Prayed For

What are the odds of this?!

The members of BLACKPINK aren’t just a group — They’re a family!

That’s why when Rosé recently revealed her oddly lucky experience, it comes as no surprise that her members may have played a part willing it into existence.

During the 2022 Welcoming Collection, she discussed her severe cold allergy that makes it hard to be outside for long periods of time in the winter.

At the time of her solo music video shoot, this was causing her to panic.

At that time, I had to shoot a scene where I ran outdoors in the middle of winter, so I was really worried. Cuz even if I’m outside for just a while, I get hives.

— Rosé

Fortunately, everything worked smoothly in her favor and she surprisingly experienced no hardships. Even her hives strangely waited until after the filming to appear!

But nothing happened while filming outside. After the last shoot, I went to change my clothes, and only then did I get hives.

— Rosé

Was it just a case of good luck? Maybe, but more likely, the members were sending all of their love and positive vibes for Rosé!

Do you know why? It’s because I prayed for you to shoot your solo music video well without any problems. All three of us prayed together.

— Jisoo

The kind words show how much the girls really mean to each other. Everyone should have some supportive and loving friends in their life like them!