Here’s The Story Behind The BLACKPINK Members’ Contact Names In Rosé’s Phone

“It sounds like a foreigner’s name.” 🤣

In a recent interview with ELLE Korea, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé gave BLINK a sneak peak inside her phone and discussed why she chose her unique contact names for each of the members.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

For Jennie, Rosé kept it simple and added a bear emoji next to hear name.

As a fan of teddy bears, it only makes sense to use that emoji! Plus, she’s cute like a teddy bear.

Next, she chose “Sooyaa” with a turtle and rabbit emoji for Jisoo.

As many fans know, Rosé was inspired by Jisoo’s Instagram handle…

…and additionally, picked the appropriate emojis for her nickname, “Turtle Rabbit.”

Next, Rosé revealed she added a white heart next to Lisa‘s name…

…but actually has no reason for her choice!

I don’t remember why Lisa has a white heart with it. She looks innocent…I usually don’t think so!

— Rosé

Though she initially had no reason for it, the name stuck and even became a bit of an inside joke.

My phone had a function wherein it speaks the name when someone calls. [When she calls] it says, ‘Lisa White Heart.’

— Rosé

Sounding like someone’s full name, the name stuck…

…and even fooled her own sister!

My sister asked who it is. She asked if her last name was White Heart.

— Rosé

Check out the full interview below.


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